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Need support for your existing Compusigns solution? We’re here to help!

We know that your digital signage needs to ‘just work’, since sometimes it is the first thing a customer might see when they walk into your office or franchise.  Ensuring a minimum amount of downtime is of the utmost importance to us, and we are always able to offer assistance.  You can receive Compusigns support in one of the following ways:

  • Troubleshooting:  Visit the Troubleshooting tab on this page.  We recommend trying this first, as some common issues are dealt with there.
  • Ticket: Visit the Support Request tab to submit a ticket.  This is the best way to contact our support department, as it provides the details we need to help you best.
  • Email: – This is fine for general inquiries, but for technical issues with production signs, we would suggest opening a ticket instead, as it gathers the detail we need.
  • Canada Toll-Free: 1-855-405-8889
    This number is available to call Monday – Friday, from 9am to 5pm EST.
    Outside of Canada call: +1-519-652-5664


Support Request

Support Request

Need support for your existing Compusigns solution? We're here to help!
Submit a Support Request for assistance!


Content Management System

Hint: The version is displayed at the bottom of your CMS login page.

Compusigns Media Controller

Please be specific if possible.
Example: CSL-04321 Note: Please include leading zeros if your CSL number is less than 5 digits.
Example: 1A:2B:3C:4D:5E:6F
Example: 2nd Floor Elevator, Physics Building
Use as much detail as possible, and summarize any troubleshooting steps taken.
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Below are a list of some common issues we see:

Layout is Blank: “All I can see is the Compusigns Logo!”  The most common reason clients have this issue is because the layout assigned to a display is invalid.  Make sure the assigned layout’s regions (all of them) have playlists with at least one reachable media item.  An example of a reachable media item is a photo that has been uploaded to the Media Library and assigned to the region playlist.  An example of an unreachable media item is a streaming video that has been blacklisted or can’t be connected to for one reason or another.
The second issue we see is when a Compusigns Media Controller doesn’t have a working internet connection.  Check the Ethernet cable connecting to the Controller.  Make sure it is secure.  Try replacing this cable if the connection still doesn’t work.  If you are using WiFi, ensure that the correct connection settings have been applied.  Test the WiFi connection in that area for signal strength or IP saturation.  We always recommend using Ethernet whenever possible, and unfortunately can only provide limited technical support for WiFi infrastructures.

Black Screen– there is no content at all on my display!
Make sure you take the following steps to insure you’re Compusigns Media Controller is connected properly: The screen is turned on and plugged in, the correct video source (eg. HDMI 1 or HDMI 2) is selected, the Compusigns Media Controller is connected and has power, and make sure the video cable between the Compusigns Media Controller and the screen are snugly connected and secured.
If these steps do not fix the issue, try replacing the video cable between the Compusigns Media Controller and the screen.