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Rely on a powerful solution that's easy to use

Ready… Out of the Box

The Compusigns Media Controller ships to your door pre-configured to connect automatically to your Content Management System, and its state-of-the-art form factor is sleek and practical.  All that is required from you is to plug it in!

Powerful Content Delivery

Our Content Management System (CMS) has been designed to allow for limitless iterations of content placement and display sizes and orientations. Images, videos, audio, RSS feeds and more can be displayed all at once, in any design you want!

Granular Permissions System

Fine-grained access control for your signage team lets you perfectly delegate responsibility. Divide and conquer with the confidence that the right people have access to the right components of your signage solution.

Comprehensive Scheduling

The advanced scheduling system within the Content Management System (CMS) allows for autonomous functionality for your signage. Control what content appears on each specific sign, and when that content will be displayed and for how long.

World Class Support

Support for our hardware and management tools is included with your subscription to our solution.  Toll-free phone support is available 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Email support and our intuitive ticket system are at your disposal 24×7, as well as our online documentation and knowledge base.

“Plug and Play!”

So just how easy is it to set up Compusigns on a new screen?  Our Compusigns Media Controller is a tiny but powerful device that has been designed so that anyone can set it up, regardless of technical knowledge.

The Media Controller is roughly the same size as a deck of cards, and you can have it up and running in less time than it takes to make yourself a coffee.   No fussing about with concealing an expensive PC, and no need to configure the device.

When was the last time “Plug and Play” actually meant that you could plug it in and watch it go?  Yeah, it’s that easy.

Granular Permissions System

Most components of the Content Management System have permissions which are configurable by User, or by User Group.  Permissions grant or deny access to View, Edit, and Delete content.  This is a powerful way of keeping your content delivery team organized, and on task.


users_permissions_formIndividual Displays, and Display Groups:

Ensure only the right people can modify specific displays or groups of displays.  For example, you could limit modifications to displays departmentally, so that one department can’t alter another department’s group of displays.

Campaigns, Layouts, and Regions within Layouts

Provide authorized access to only the people you assigned to updating content – right down to the region level.  For example, you might want campus Police to have access to the ticker region on all layouts, but prevent them from updating any other content.

Library Media, and Media in Playlists

Some organizations might want to authorize an outsourced content creation company to upload images and other media to the CMS, but restrict them from doing anything else.  In turn, you may wish to restrict that content to only the layout designers who require it.

Scheduling Made Easy

The advanced scheduler allows you to slate content to be displayed from an interactive calendar view.  When and where you present content is limited only by your imagination!


  • scheduling_calendar_image2Schedule individual layouts, or groups of layouts, (called ‘Campaigns’), to individual displays, or entire groups of displays.
  • Mix and match pre-exisiting layouts so that some signs share content at pre-determined intervals, and some do not.
  • Create pre-defined menus for restaurants that are specific to the day of the week.
  • Add time limited specials for promotional offers.

“A team you can count on!”

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you at no additional cost. Our skilled staff are happy to help you with your personalized Compusigns solution.

We have a ticket system you can submit your requests to, but if you’d prefer to talk with a support representative instead, pick up your phone and call our toll-free support number.  Either way, we’re here to help!