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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions?  We’ve got answers.

How does it work?


  1. Decide how many signs you will need.  The Compusigns Media Controllers are available for a low monthly cost.
  2. Choose your displays – small signs for kiosks or boardroom schedules, medium for waiting areas or restaurant menus, or huge for large common areas – you decide!
  3. Pick your mounting options.  You can mount indoors, outdoors, from a wall, from a ceiling, or even free standing on the floor.
  4. Upload your content and design your layouts!

Need help?  No problem.  We’re there for every step.

Why is the total cost of ownership (TCO) lower?


Compusigns keeps the cost down by removing the need for proprietary hardware solutions.  Our pre-configured clients run on a minimal Android platform, which provides you with stability and lower overall costs.  Plug them in and go!


There’s no need to host or maintain your own server hardware, meaning less hassle for you, and less hardware to keep running.  The up-front cost for our Compusigns Media Controllers is a low monthly fee, we take care of upgrades and warranty for as long as you keep them.


We perform daily backups with retention and replication, so you can sleep easy and minimize your down-time.  Mess up an important Layout or delete something critical from your Media Library?  No problem, we’ll have copies from previous days.

How many signs can I host?

You can host as many signs as you wish.  Our solution can support hundreds of signs on a single CMS.

How far away can my signs be?

Your sign can be located anywhere that internet is available, just as long as it can communicate with our server.  In theory, if you wanted to, you could place one on the International Space Station, and it would work just fine!

Can I share content with different departments?

Absolutely!  Compusigns’ group and user management allows you to assign users to departments, while letting you choose which data they can and cannot edit.  Permissions are granular, and give you the ability to delegate responsibility across your user base without worry that they will edit something they shouldn’t be touching.

What kinds of media can I use?

Images, Adobe Flash, Video, Text, Ticker (live RSS feeds), Embedded HTML and WebPages, Counters, and custom Data Sets.  If you are a PowerPoint fanatic, you may even use versions 2010 and onwards to export slick WMV video with animation.

What if my sign loses internet?

If the CMS isn’t available, the Compusigns Media Controller will simply wait until a connection can be re-established. In the interim it will continue to play any valid schedule as it has it downloaded already. By default, the Media Controllers cache 2 days worth of content, so for a short outage there should be no interruption. If there are any issues with the cached schedule, or if the CMS is unavailable for an extended period, then the Media Controller will show the default Layout for that Display instead.

Anything We Didn't Cover?

We couldn’t possibly answer all your questions here.  Contact us today and we can help you with any other inquiries you have.  Feel free to ask for a demonstration!