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Your New Signage Solution

With a powerful Content Management System, displaying photos, videos and other media has never looked so good.

Grab their attention

Using dynamic customization abilities, you will be sure to leave an impression that lasts.

Appeal to your clients

Let them know what you do, and make them want to know even more.

Start Engaging Your Audience

Appeal to your clients. Invite them to know more about you. Affordably take your marketing to the next level.
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Multi Media

Effortlessly display pictures, flash, video, RSS feeds, and web content such as Twitter feeds.

Simple User Interface

Changing content couldn’t be simpler!  Create the sign of your dreams, or modify one of our pre-existing templates.  It’s content made easy.

Advanced Scheduling

Easily design multiple layouts and entire campaigns and schedule them with ease.

The Right Solution

Whether you’re a small business that only requires a handful of signs, a large corporation or school with different departments, or a franchise that needs to run dozens of signs around the globe – we have a solution that is perfect for you.

Compusigns is a cloud based client-server digital signage solution.  We host your server in our secure Canadian data center.  All you need are displays.  All content delivery and design is performed from within our easy to use web interface.

Each display is paired with a Compusigns client, which pulls the latest content from our cloud-based server as you make it available.  Compusigns is versatile enough to power a single screen, or many screens.  They can be located anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection.

A comprehensive granular permissions system allows you to control who can view, modify, and delete media, content, layouts, display regions, and much more.  You may assign users to groups with specific permissions, and restrict which signs they can schedule content to.  You may also group your displays so you can deliver content to multiple displays at once.